Walls and Floors Come Alive in Gorgeous Contemporary Whites, the New Dreamy Colors

Begin dreaming white interiors for a change. Simple white works best. White images of living rooms did gain popularity decades ago, but bright colors took over somewhere along the road. Pastels overtook white, lighter shades being more appropriate for interiors since they reflect light. Some years ago, it would be acceptable to drown the walls and floors in garish rainbow colors, the wilder the chic. Not so any longer as sane, pensive whites are fast getting back in fashion.

It is the time, the various shades and materials in white or near white are rediscovered.

• Grecian White Marble and porcelains
• Granite countertops
• Tuscany Ivory Subway tiles
• White Bathroom Vanities

The white concept may take some getting used to since the mind is yet focused on those bright greens and reds broadcasting from rooftops via clay tiles. It did appear that striking messages could only be communicated via deep colors, perhaps contrasting striking purples with white. Yet the advantages of whites are obvious like paintings and sculptures most visible against white backgrounds. Stunning views of green mountains or blue oceans from high-rise apartments would best be achieved from rooms all in white.

Hygiene, so important in sanitation everywhere and particularly in health care centers, has traditionally used white surfaces. Washbasins, toilet commodes, and bathtubs created in sizzling porcelain were the norm for generations until designer shapes and fancy shades took over. Yet the pristine white remains highly preferred in a no-nonsense scenario where the feel good fashions were considered secondary to cleanliness and hygiene.

The white invasion seems fated to last really long even though trends change like the weather. People admired those fairy tale shades of white for long but finally gave in to color temptations. No harm though if somebody wished to paint walls pink for the kid’s room or a deep yellow through some mystic color symbolism. Color associations have always played a part like green for a particular religion.

Scandinavian designs do paint walls white and use wood accents along with geometric lines. Visualizer tools online help the imagination. Sofas, carpets, and curtains could be as colorful as desired unless an all white scene is preferred. Creams and grays go well with whites as seen in marble veins too. The Travertine floor of gentle hues could contrast with whitish marble on the walls. The kitchen and bathroom could have white cabinets and stainless steel appliances like cooking vessels and fittings. The trick is to achieve a mixture of textures and styles, all in white or near whites for mildly dramatic effects.

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